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Stille Strex Luchtontvochtiger - 600ml/dag - Voor Huis, Slaapkamer & Kantoor English product name: Quiet Strex Dehumidifier

Stille Strex Luchtontvochtiger - 600ml/dag - Voor Huis, Slaapkamer & Kantoor English product name: Quiet Strex Dehumidifier

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Do you want to protect your furniture, fight allergens, and breathe more freely? The Strex dehumidifier tackles moisture problems at the source! This handy device effortlessly removes moisture from your indoor space and creates a purified environment. With an optimal indoor climate, damp areas, moisture spots, and molds disappear, leaving you feeling fresh and healthy.

Extra Powerful
This luxury dehumidifier removes up to 600 ml of moisture per day and transforms your space into a well-cleaned oasis. The device is suitable for use in areas up to 20 m2 and works perfectly in almost any environment.

Spacious Reservoir
The Strex dehumidifier features a large 600 ml water tank, so you don't have to empty the collection tray constantly. Is the tank full? No problem, the device automatically shuts off. Simply empty the tank and you're good to go!

Optimal User-Friendliness
With one-button operation and a minimalist design, you can reduce humidity in no time. How easy can it be! Your new acquisition can be fully operated with just one simple button. The dehumidifier is compact in size, allowing you to easily place it out of sight. Whether you choose a wardrobe, office, nursery, or basement, this multifunctional dehumidifier can be used wherever you want.

Your Benefits
✓ Whisper-quiet operation
✓ Spacious 600 ml reservoir
✓ Easy to move
✓ Equipped with the latest technologies
✓ Low energy consumption

This cleansing dehumidifier is powered by an ultra-quiet motor and cleans the air in your space without you even noticing. This allows you to place the device in the baby or bedroom without disturbing your sleep rhythm, and it can also be used effectively in the office. Your new dehumidifier has double the range compared to many other humidifiers and works at moisture temperatures between 5 to 50°C!

Advanced Technology
Strex uses the latest condensation techniques so that you can enjoy your new acquisition for years to come. Our device is completely free of chemical materials, is well protected against freon gas emissions, and prevents technical problems or short circuits with a smart semiconductor.

Please note! The power adapter is stored in the water collection tray.

Fan speed: 2600
Effectiveness: 600 ml/day
Power: 23W
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