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STABILO Pen 68 - Premium Felt-Tip Markers - ARTY Edition - 25 Vibrant Colors Set

STABILO Pen 68 - Premium Felt-Tip Markers - ARTY Edition - 25 Vibrant Colors Set

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Introducing the STABILO Pen 68 Rollerset: 25 Vibrant Colors for Endless Creativity

Unleash your creativity with the STABILO Pen 68 Rollerset, featuring 25 stunning colors that promise top-quality results. Whether you're a professional artist or a hobbyist, these premium felt-tip pens are designed to meet your every need.

### Key Features:
- **Top-Quality Felt-Tip Pens**: Experience the superior quality of STABILO Pen 68, perfect for both detailed work and broad strokes.
- **Vibrant Color Range**: Available in 65 brilliant colors, including 6 fluorescent shades, ensuring you have the perfect hue for every project.
- **Durable, Pressure-Resistant Tip**: The robust 1 mm tip delivers consistent ink flow and withstands pressure, making it ideal for various techniques.
- **Water-Based, Odorless Ink**: Enjoy the convenience of water-based ink that is both odorless and safe for use.
- **Long-Lasting Performance**: These pens can be left uncapped for up to 24 hours without drying out, ensuring they are always ready when you are.
- **High Gloss and Color Intensity**: Achieve vibrant, high-gloss results with every stroke.
- **Water-Mixable for Aquarelle Effects**: Blend colors effortlessly with water to create beautiful watercolor effects and seamless color transitions.
- **Individual Colors Available**: All colors are available individually, allowing you to replenish your favorites with ease.

### Safety Note:
- Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts that may pose a choking hazard.

### Color Palette in the Rollerset (25 pieces):
- Neon Yellow (024), Neon Blue (031), Neon Green (033), Neon Red (040), Neon Pink (056)
- Ice Blue (11), Ice Green (13), Light Emerald Green (16), Heliotrope (17), Heather Purple (19)
- Lemon Yellow (24), Dark Blue (32), Emerald Green (36), Ultramarine Blue (41), Black (46)
- Carmine Red (48), Turquoise Blue (51), Turquoise Green (53), Orange (54), Purple (55)
- Rose Red (56), Lilac (58), Light Lilac (59), Light Ochre (88), Light Grey (94)

### Why Choose STABILO Pen 68?
The STABILO Pen 68 is not just a
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