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Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic - Smartwatch voor heren en dames - 46mm - Zwart Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Smartwatch 46mm Black

Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic - Smartwatch voor heren en dames - 46mm - Zwart Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Smartwatch 46mm Black

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Please note: Currently, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 does not support iPhone. This update will be available later, but the exact timing is unknown. The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic is the ultimate fitness coach that provides instant insight into your health. With the use of WearOS, a world of possibilities opens up, allowing you to use a wide range of apps. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a powerful device on your wrist, even stronger, smoother, more accurate, and brighter!

Check your health with ease
The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic makes it easy and enjoyable to focus on your health. With just a few taps, you can gain insight into your health through features like blood pressure measurement or an ECG. Even during your sleep, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic continues to monitor your health, measuring your oxygen levels and keeping track of snoring that may affect the quality of your sleep. Additionally, with Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), you can obtain precise analyses of your body, including muscle mass, fat mass, and body fluid. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic also serves as your personal coach to encourage more physical activity, tracking your steps, daily activity levels, and calories burned.

Please note: The Samsung Health Monitor app can only be downloaded through the Galaxy Wearable app. If you do not have the Galaxy Wearable app, you can download it from the Galaxy Store or Play Store. *Not compatible with Huawei.

Endless apps, endless possibilities
With Wear OS powered by Samsung, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic offers a multitude of possibilities. You can download numerous apps to enhance your smartwatch experience. For example, use your Galaxy Watch4 Classic as a remote control for your Galaxy Buds or your smartphone's camera. Additionally, you can download popular apps like Spotify, YouTube, and Shazam. Google Maps is also readily available, providing you with the best navigation system for car rides, cycling routes, and walks. The Samsung Health app is the perfect tool to record your workout data, consolidating information from apps like Strava, Adidas Running, and Nike Run Club in one place. In everyday life, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a valuable addition, allowing you to easily make payments for your groceries through the Google Pay Wear app using NFC technology (depending on your bank).

Stronger, smoother, more accurate, brighter
No matter what you want to do, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic can handle it all. Whether you're running
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