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White Goblin Games

Qwixx Dice Game by White Goblin Games - Fast-Paced Fun for All Ages

Qwixx Dice Game by White Goblin Games - Fast-Paced Fun for All Ages

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Introducing the Qwixx Dice Game – where waiting for your turn is a thing of the past! In this fast-paced game, one player rolls the dice and everyone gets to use the result. The more numbers you cross off on your score sheet, the higher your score. Qwixx is easy to learn, taking just two minutes to explain, and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last roll. Join the fun and catch the Qwixx fever!

### Why You'll Love Qwixx:
- **Award-Winning Fun**: Winner and nominee of several international game awards, including Toy of the Year 2013 (Ages 9-11), Spiel des Jahres 2013, and Dutch Game Award 2014.
- **Simple and Quick**: Easy-to-understand rules that can be explained in just one minute.
- **Non-Stop Action**: Every roll affects all players, eliminating downtime and keeping the excitement high.
- **Endlessly Replayable**: Fast-paced and thrilling, you'll want to play again and again.
- **Perfect Gift**: Compact and portable, making it an ideal gift for any occasion.

### What's Inside:
- 6 Dice
- 1 Score Pad
- Game Rules

### Game Details:
- Suitable for 2 to 5 players
- Recommended for ages 8 and up

### Expand Your Qwixx Experience:
Enhance your gameplay with various exciting expansions:
- **Qwixx Mixx**: 2 new game variants
- **Qwixx Deluxe**: Premium edition
- **Qwixx Connected**: 2 new variants with 80 score sheets
- **Qwixx Bonus**: 2 new variants with 80 score sheets
- **Qwixx Big Point**: 2 score pads with 80 sheets
- **Qwixx Longo**: New variant
- **Qwixx On Board**: 2 score pads
- **Qwixx: Character**: Expansion
- **Qwixx: The Duel**
- **Qwixx Card Game**

### How to Play:
For detailed game rules, scroll down to 'Product Specifications' on this page and find the digital Qwixx game rules under 'Documents'.

Dive into the world of Qwixx and discover endless fun for everyone. Get your Qwixx Dice
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