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Philips TAR3205 - Sleek Digital Alarm Clock Radio - Black

Philips TAR3205 - Sleek Digital Alarm Clock Radio - Black

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Start your day right with the Philips TAR3205 Clock Radio. Effortlessly switch between stations with the extensive preset options. Set the alarm to wake you up with gradually increasing radio volume. Want to sleep in on weekends? Use the snooze button for those extra minutes of rest.

**Digital FM Radio**
Enjoy crystal-clear reception with the FM tuner, and save up to 10 preset stations for your favorites. The time is clearly displayed on the screen for easy viewing.

**Sleep Timer**
Drift off to sleep with your favorite station playing in the background. The sleep timer allows you to set the radio to play for up to 2 hours before automatically turning off.

**Dual Alarm**
One clock, two alarms. The dual alarm feature lets you set two different wake-up times. The Gentle Wake function gradually increases the radio volume, ensuring a peaceful start to your day.

**Battery Backup**
Never worry about power outages. The built-in battery backup ensures your alarm settings are preserved, so you won't have to reset the clock if the power goes out.

Upgrade your mornings with the Philips TAR3205 Clock Radio – the perfect blend of functionality and convenience.
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