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Peter Gabriel - I/O Deluxe Edition (2 CDs & Blu-ray Audio)

Peter Gabriel - I/O Deluxe Edition (2 CDs & Blu-ray Audio)

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After more than 20 years in the making, Peter Gabriel's highly anticipated new album i/o is finally set to release on December 1st. This marks his first album of entirely new material since 2002's Up. The album features 12 tracks, each presented in two distinct stereo mixes: the Bright-Side Mix by Mark 'Spike' Stent and the Dark-Side Mix by Tchad Blake.

"We have two of the best mixers in the world in Tchad and Spike, and they bring absolutely different characters to the tracks. Tchad is more of a sculptor, creating a journey with sound and drama, while Spike loves sound and assembling these images, making him more of a painter," says Gabriel.

Both versions are included in the double-CD set and are also available separately as a double vinyl album. Additionally, a third version—the In-Side Mix in Dolby Atmos by Hans-Martin Buff—is available on Blu-ray.

- Digipak with 32-page booklet and obi strip
- CD 1: Bright-Side Mix
- CD 2: Dark-Side Mix
- Blu-ray: In-Side Mix (Dolby Atmos)

Don't miss out on this unique musical experience that showcases the genius of Peter Gabriel and the exceptional talents of world-renowned mixers. Order your copy today and immerse yourself in the sonic journey of i/o.
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