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Philips Longlife AAA Batteries - 50 Pack - Extra Durable Power

Philips Longlife AAA Batteries - 50 Pack - Extra Durable Power

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Philips Longlife AAA Batteries

Discover the reliability and performance of Philips Longlife AAA batteries, also known as LR3 or MN2400 batteries. Perfect for everyday use around the home, these batteries feature advanced zinc chloride technology, ensuring a shelf life of up to 3 years while retaining at least 80% of their total energy capacity.

Versatile Applications

Philips AAA batteries are ideal for devices with low power consumption over extended periods. Use them in clocks, radios, calculators, and remote controls. Plus, they are free from harmful substances like cadmium and mercury, making them safe for both you and the environment.

Top Performance

Thanks to their high-quality zinc chloride technology, Philips guarantees a longer lifespan for these batteries in energy-efficient devices. Each battery maintains at least 80% of its original energy for up to 3 years. Additionally, they are free from cadmium and mercury, harmful heavy metals that pose health risks.

Ease of Use

Each Philips battery is color-coded for easy identification of different sizes and types. This makes it simple to recognize the Philips AAA batteries with zinc chloride technology. Moreover, the batteries come with easy-to-understand, language-free instructions.

Specifications of Philips AAA Batteries:

  • Battery Type: AAA/ R6 Zinc Chloride

  • Voltage: 1.5 V

  • Metal Composition: Zinc Chloride

  • Free from Cadmium and Mercury

  • Shelf Life: 3 years

  • Retains 80% of energy capacity for up to 3 years

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