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Smoke Mirrors

Mind-Bending Illusions & Experiments - Smoke & Mirrors by Victor Mids

Mind-Bending Illusions & Experiments - Smoke & Mirrors by Victor Mids

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Introducing the MINDF*CK Magic Set: Unleash the Power of Illusion!

Step into the world of magic with the MINDF*CK Magic Set, featuring 25 mesmerizing illusions that you can master. This set combines various themes of illusionism, including mind reading, sleight of hand, and visual tricks, all inspired by the trend of Street Magic. Compact and portable, you can carry these illusions in your pocket and amaze anyone, anywhere!

What sets the MINDF*CK Magic Set apart is its scientific approach. Discover how your brain and senses work and learn the fascinating ways illusions exploit these mechanisms. The set includes access to an exclusive online episode of Mindfuck, where Victor demonstrates the tricks to unsuspecting passersby. With a unique code, you can watch step-by-step tutorials to perfect each illusion.

With the MINDF*CK Magic Set, you'll learn to:
- Read minds
- Bend spoons
- Levitate a credit card or other objects
- Make a chosen playing card appear inside a piece of fruit
- Melt a coin through a glass

Unlock the secrets of magic and captivate your audience with the MINDF*CK Magic Set. Perfect for aspiring magicians and seasoned performers alike, this set is your gateway to the extraordinary. Order now and start your magical journey today!
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