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Magnetic Tiles - 100 Pieces - Construction Toy - Montessori Toy Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic Tiles - 100 Pieces - Construction Toy - Montessori Toy Magnetic Tiles

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This set is perfect for children and offers a safe and enchanting way to build, discover, and learn. With this set, your child can create their own world, ranging from beloved characters to flowers, trees, and more.

- Complete set of 100 pieces (large version)
- Instruction booklet

- Magnetic building blocks - children can easily click the blocks together with the magnets
- Open-ended toy - no rules, children can decide what to do with the blocks
- Beneficial for development - the magnetic toy stimulates imagination and creativity
- Suitable from 3 years old - Magnetic tiles is suitable for children aged 3 to 12 years
- Educational toy - the magnetic building blocks can be used for various learning goals, such as learning colors, letters, etc.
- Easy to expand - all Magnetic tiles building sets can be combined with each other
- Safety first - all products are made of safe, certified plastic
- STEM toy / STEAM toy - with magnetic tiles, children playfully learn educational subjects
- Develops motor skills - the small size of the magnetic building blocks and the grip created by the star on the block helps with motor skill development
- Montessori toy - stimulates children to try new things on their own
- Imaginative toy - children can build anything their imagination takes them, from castles to animals and from airplanes to numbers
- A great gift for holidays or other occasions to spoil a child.
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