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HydroSpark Motivational Water Bottle with Time Markers - 1L BPA-Free Fruit Infuser & Shaker Ball - Pink/Blue

HydroSpark Motivational Water Bottle with Time Markers - 1L BPA-Free Fruit Infuser & Shaker Ball - Pink/Blue

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Looking to drink more water but finding it hard to stick to your goals? We all know water is essential for our health, yet 75% of people don't drink enough. Get motivated with the right water bottle! The Lekro 1 Liter Water Bottle makes it easy to meet your daily water intake. With a quick-flow spout and easy-click lid, staying hydrated has never been simpler. Keep track of your progress with time markers, or add some flavor with fruit! The built-in fruit filter ensures no bits get through. Fill the bottle twice a day, and you're already hitting your daily water target!

Benefits of Staying Hydrated:
- Radiant skin and a fresh look
- Increased energy throughout the day
- Detoxify your body
- Prevent headaches
- Aid in weight loss

Motivational Time Markers:
Are you getting enough water? Chances are, those few glasses a day don't add up to 2 liters. And how many milliliters are in a glass anyway? The Lekro water bottle with time markers helps you stay on track. Remind yourself to drink water throughout the day, avoiding those late-night bathroom trips. The motivational texts keep you going, making hydration a joy.

The Lekro Water Bottle:
- Motivate yourself to drink more water
- Targeted time markers
- Easy to open and close
- Quick water flow
- BPA-free
- 1 Liter capacity
- 100% leak-proof
- Dishwasher safe
- Comes with a carry strap
- Fruit filter for flavored water
- Shaker ball for protein shakes

Fruit Water, Protein Shake, or Just Plain Water:
Drinking water all day can get monotonous! Spice it up with sweet fruits like strawberries or refreshing cucumber and lemon. The Lekro bottle includes a handy fruit filter to keep bits out of your mouth. Plus, the set comes with a shaker ball for easy protein shakes to keep your muscles strong. Or simply enjoy a refreshing cold drink.

Easy to Clean:
Made a shake or fruit water? Just rinse your bottle with warm water. The Lekro water bottle is also dishwasher safe, though we recommend hand washing to extend its lifespan and keep it in top condition.

➤ Includes: Water bottle, fruit filter, and shaker ball
➤ Material: Tritan
➤ Color: Pink/Blue
➤ Capacity: 1 Liter
➤ Weight: 300 grams

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