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LEGO Icons Orchid - 10311 LEGO Icons Orchid

LEGO Icons Orchid - 10311 LEGO Icons Orchid

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Enjoy a relaxing building project and create a beautiful plant for your home with this LEGO® Orchid (10311) model building project for adults. Take your time and assemble the detailed white and pink flowers and the vase. The model is inspired by a real orchid and features 5 leaves and 2 aerial roots at the bottom for an authentic display model. Build the blue ribbed vase and fill it with the brown LEGO pieces: the bark pieces where a real orchid grows.

Add a personal touch to your orchid by customizing the stems, flowers, roots, and leaves of the model for the perfect look or build the stems in different ways for surprising new combinations.

Work on your creativity, brick by brick. Take a moment to relax with the buildable models from the LEGO Botanical Collection, specially designed for adults.

Product Features:
- Build your own orchid - enjoy an engaging building project where you build a model plant for your home or office with this LEGO® Orchid 10311 building set.
- Customize your display model - rotate the stems, flowers, roots, and leaves of the model to give it your own look. Rebuild the stems for surprising new combinations.
- Inspired by a real orchid - the LEGO® designers have created a lifelike model, paying special attention to detail.
- Enjoy the building process - relax and take your time with this building project. This LEGO® Orchid set is specially designed for adult builders, whether you're buying it for yourself or as a surprise for someone with green fingers.
- From the LEGO® Botanical Collection - this model is part of a collection of building sets inspired by real plants and flowers, specially designed for adults.
- Discover all the new ways LEGO® elements are used - this set contains various LEGO elements inspired by other sets, such as minifigure shields and dinosaur tails for the sepals and roots.
- Dimensions - this building model is approximately 39 cm tall, 30 cm wide, and 24 cm deep.
- A project for adults - this LEGO® Orchid is part of a series of building sets designed for adult building fans who appreciate beautiful designs and intricate details.
- The best materials - LEGO® bricks are made from high-quality materials. They are consistent, compatible, and easy to assemble and disassemble, just like they have been since 1958.
- Safety first - safety and quality are paramount when it comes to LEGO® parts. That's why
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