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HP DeskJet 2710e - All-in-One Printer - geschikt voor Instant Ink English product name: HP DeskJet 2710e All-in-One Printer

HP DeskJet 2710e - All-in-One Printer - geschikt voor Instant Ink English product name: HP DeskJet 2710e All-in-One Printer

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Introducing the HP DeskJet 2710e All-in-One Printer with Instant Ink. The HP DeskJet 2710e is a compact inkjet printer designed for home use. Its small size allows for easy placement on your desk. The DeskJet 2710e uses 2 cartridges: one black and one 3-in-1 cartridge. While it is suitable for printing color documents, it is not a photo printer. The printer is also compatible with HP Instant Ink, a convenient and cost-effective ink service that ensures you always have ink when you need it. If you want to send wireless print commands from your iPhone or iPad, you can use Apple AirPrint.

All HP printers come with a set of setup cartridges, which are necessary for installing the printer. Please note that these setup cartridges cannot be used in an old printer. During the installation of a new printer, the internal ink system is filled with ink. Once this process is complete, your printer will have some ink already in it and will be ready for use. Since the internal systems of a printer are vacuum-sealed, new ink supply is always required during printing. This means that the included setup cartridges will run out of ink after a smaller number of prints and will need to be replaced. At that point, your printer will still have ink in it, and you can resume printing after installing new cartridges.

The HP DeskJet 2710e is easy to install and allows for wireless printing from your computer or smartphone. You can also easily make copies of documents or scan them directly to your mobile device. Scan or print from your phone and receive notifications when the task is completed. Additionally, you can check ink levels and more with the HP Smart app.

This printer is compatible with HP Instant Ink, making printing even easier and more affordable for you. Never run out of ink again and enjoy convenient replacement of ink cartridges with delivery. You can adjust or cancel this service at no cost. Please refer to for all terms and conditions.

Experience smart printing with HP+. Choose HP+ during product installation to activate your benefits. HP+ is the intelligent printing system that anticipates your needs, making your printer more secure, productive, and sustainable, and always ready to use. A cloud-connected HP+ printer is smart, stays up-to-date, secure, and always ready to print from anywhere. To use HP+, you need an HP account and a continuous internet connection, and you must use original HP
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