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"Auronic Lijmpistool inclusief 50 Lijmpatronen - 20W" English product name: "Auronic Glue Gun with 50 Glue Sticks"

"Auronic Lijmpistool inclusief 50 Lijmpatronen - 20W" English product name: "Auronic Glue Gun with 50 Glue Sticks"

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A crafting or repair project is much more enjoyable when you have the right tools at hand. The Auronic Glue Gun is perfect for hobbyists and crafters and comes with 50 glue sticks. From ceramics to electronics, you can glue just about anything with this glue gun. No hassle with batteries or chargers. Simply plug in the 1.5m cord and you'll be ready to start your project within 3 to 5 minutes. With a power consumption of only 20W, it is very energy efficient.

Your benefits:
- Includes 50 glue sticks
- Ready for use within 3 to 5 minutes
- Overheating protection
- Environmentally friendly glue
- Suitable for almost any material
- Long cord, no hassle with batteries
- Energy efficient (20W)
- Removable stand
- Ergonomic grip

50 Glue Sticks:
In addition to the gun, you will receive 50 glue sticks in the package! This allows you to start right away and gives you over 36 hours of crafting pleasure. The glue is environmentally friendly and much stronger than a glue stick and many other types of glue. Insert the glue stick at the back of the gun and you'll be ready to go within 3 to 5 minutes. Do not remove the glue stick from the back of the gun and only insert a new one when the current one is completely used up.

Suitable for any project:
This glue gun can be used on almost any material. Use the glue gun for paper, wood, electronics, shoes, cardboard, stone, metal, glass, bricks, fabric, ceramics, or plastic, among others. The glue comes out of a small nozzle (2mm), allowing you to work very precisely. Thanks to the convenient stand, you can safely put the gun aside for a moment. The gun has an automatic fuse that prevents it from overheating.

Ergonomic design:
Thanks to the curves in the ergonomic grip, you can not only lay down straight lines of glue, but also handle curves without any problem. The trigger requires little force, making the gun super easy to use and very comfortable to hold.

Package contents:
- Glue gun (1x)
- Glue sticks (50x)
- User manual

- Brand: Auronic
- Material: Plastic & aluminum
- Color: Blue
- Dimensions: 13 cm x 11 cm
- Weight: 153 grams
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