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"5-delige 2e generatie Ring Alarm-beveiligingsset" "Ring Alarm Security Kit 5-Piece 2nd Generation"

"5-delige 2e generatie Ring Alarm-beveiligingsset" "Ring Alarm Security Kit 5-Piece 2nd Generation"

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Introducing the 5-piece Ring Alarm Set (2nd generation) - a new look with the same excellent protection. This set includes a base station, control panel, one contact sensor, one motion sensor, and a signal booster. The control panel has been redesigned, the contact sensor is smaller, and the motion sensor is more discreet.

With control through the Ring app, you have the security of your entire home at your fingertips. Receive instant notifications when the system is activated. Choose from three security modes: Home, Away, and Disarmed. Use the new emergency buttons to alert emergency contacts in case of emergencies. Easily expand the protection of your home with additional contact sensors, motion sensors, and an outdoor siren.

Opt for a Ring Protect subscription for assisted monitoring and mobile backup. Everything you need for a simple self-installation is included in the box, with no tools required. Works with compatible Alexa devices for voice control. Compatible with 1st and 2nd generation devices and accessories.

Set up the Ring Alarm system easily and within minutes. Simply connect the Ring Alarm base station, activate your system through the Ring app, and place the contact sensor and motion sensor where you need them.

Full control through the Ring app. Receive instant notifications when someone enters a room, opens a window, or activates the siren. Change the alarm mode with a simple tap. Forgot to arm your alarm system while you're already on the go? No worries! With Ring, you can arm or disarm your Ring Alarm from any location using the free Ring app.

Manage your security with modes. Set your Ring Alarm to Home mode to disable indoor sensors while keeping outdoor sensors active for protection outside your home. Activate all sensors in your home with Away mode, so you'll know if anything happens while you're away. Choose the Disarmed setting on your system to deactivate all your sensors, allowing you to move freely in and around your home.

Connect and personalize. Pair Ring Alarm with Ring video doorbells and security cameras. Integrate with selected Alexa devices to control and check the status of your Ring Alarm with your voice. All components of Ring Alarm work with 1st and 2nd generation devices and accessories.

Meet your new security team. Ring Alarm Contact Sensor. The Ring Alarm contact sensor now has a more compact design and features a removable, slim magnet that can easily be placed on a door frame or window frame, even in tight spaces. If you
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