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"3 Grams of EarKings Thermal Paste for CPU Cooler - CPU Cooling Solution"

"3 Grams of EarKings Thermal Paste for CPU Cooler - CPU Cooling Solution"

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Do you want your equipment to cool optimally and have optimal heat conduction? Then apply thermal paste between your CPU and processor cooler! With this Thermal Paste, you can easily ensure optimal use of your computer, and all for a small price!

✅ 3 grams per package
✅ Includes a spreading spatula for easy application of the thermal paste!
✅ Delivered in a syringe for precise application!
✅ High thermal conductivity
✅ Low thermal resistance
✅ Does not dry out
✅ Super fast delivery

What does thermal paste do? Thermal paste, also known as thermal compound, improves cooling and heat conduction between your processor and cooler. Thanks to the fine micro particles in the thermal paste, this CPU cooler is a better heat conductor than metal.

How do I apply the thermal paste? The thermal paste is delivered in a syringe, making it very easy to apply even on small areas. In addition, the CPU thermal paste comes with a spatula that allows you to spread the paste even further. Follow these steps for the best possible result from your CPU cooler:
1. Clean the surface where you want to apply the thermal paste.
2. Apply the thermal paste to the surface.
3. Spread it evenly over the surface.

- Weight: 3 grams of CPU Thermal Paste (content)
- Color: silver-gray
- Thermal conductivity: 6.0 W/mk
- Specific gravity: 2.5 G/Cc
- Max. temperature: 180+ degrees Celsius
- Length: 11.4 centimeters
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