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Super Mario RPG voor de Nintendo Switch Super Mario RPG - Nintendo Switch Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch

Super Mario RPG voor de Nintendo Switch Super Mario RPG - Nintendo Switch Super Mario RPG Nintendo Switch

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In Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch, wishes come true! Dive into an RPG full of twists, mysteries, and treasures with Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Mallow, and Geno. Join a group of unlikely heroes on a peculiar mission to repair the wish-fulfilling Star Road in Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo Switch - now fully localized in Dutch! Stop the sinister gang of Schmidt and meet a cast of colorful characters, such as the mysterious doll Geno and the friendly Mallow.

Disaster upon disaster
Here we go again... Bowser has kidnapped Princess Peach, so Mario must come to her rescue! But when Mario confronts him in Bowser's castle, an even greater villain appears: the enormous sword Exor. With its destructive entrance, the Star Road was destroyed and a shockwave so powerful that everyone was sent flying through the air. Mario must find Princess Peach, seek new allies, and uncover the schemes of the Schmidt gang before it's too late.

An unlikely company in Super Mario RPG
On your adventure, you will encounter special characters who want to help you stop the Schmidt gang and repair the Star Road. You will receive assistance from the friendly Mallow, the mysterious Geno, and even Bowser himself! These are the heroes who must get the job done:

- Mario: Our brave hero who sets out to rescue Princess Peach and thwart the evil plans of the villains.
- Mallow: Sensitive but determined. He excels in magic and spells. Despite calling himself a frog, he doesn't look like one at all.
- Geno: Confident, stubborn, and wise. He has been sent on a mission by a higher power to restore peace in the world.
- Bowser: Now that this archenemy is an ally, he helps Mario and his friends in the fight against their common enemy: the Schmidt gang.
- Princess Peach: She joins the rest to defeat the Schmidt gang and protect her kingdom.

An army of enemies
Together, you will battle the many minions of the Schmidt gang, who are determined to take over the world and rule with an iron fist. Beware of Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and other scoundrels who have joined the gang. Meet some of the enemies you will encounter:

- Spearovic
- Croco
- Beezo
- Exor
- Mountain Guerrilla
- Troffer

Something special
Each team member possesses unique special techniques.
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