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Epic Super Mario RPG Adventure - Nintendo Switch

Epic Super Mario RPG Adventure - Nintendo Switch

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**Discover the Magic of Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch!**

Step into a world where wishes come true with Super Mario RPG for the Nintendo Switch! Join Mario, Bowser, Princess Peach, Mallow, and Geno in an epic RPG adventure filled with twists, mysteries, and treasures. Embark on a quirky mission to restore the wish-granting Star Road, now fully localized in English!

**Unlikely Heroes on a Grand Quest**

When Bowser kidnaps Princess Peach, Mario sets out to rescue her. But a new, even greater villain emerges: the colossal sword Exor. Its destructive arrival shatters the Star Road, sending shockwaves that scatter everyone. Mario must find Princess Peach, gather new allies, and thwart the sinister plans of the Smithy Gang before it's too late.

**Meet Your Team of Heroes**

- **Mario**: Our brave hero, determined to save Princess Peach and stop the villains' evil schemes.
- **Mallow**: Sensitive yet resolute, Mallow excels in magic and spells. He calls himself a frog, but he looks nothing like one.
- **Geno**: Confident, stubborn, and wise, Geno is sent by a higher power to restore peace to the world.
- **Bowser**: Once an arch-enemy, now an ally, Bowser joins forces with Mario to defeat their common foe, the Smithy Gang.
- **Princess Peach**: She joins the team to protect her kingdom and defeat the Smithy Gang.

**Battle Against a Legion of Enemies**

Face off against the numerous minions of the Smithy Gang, who are bent on world domination. Watch out for Goombas, Koopa Troopas, and other miscreants. Some of the enemies you'll encounter include:

- Spearovic
- Croco
- Beezo
- Exor
- Bergguerrilla
- Troffer

**Unique Abilities and Special Techniques**

Each team member boasts unique special techniques. Mario can perform his iconic jump, Mallow can summon lightning, and more! As your team levels up, you'll unlock additional special techniques, both offensive and defensive. Items play a crucial role in battles, helping you restore flower points, heal team members, or even put enemies to sleep. Equip your team with weapons and gear to enhance their strength and stats.

**Vibrant Environments and Engaging Gameplay**

Explore the colorful world of Super Mario RPG, where every battle is turn
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