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Park Beyond - Deluxe Day 1 Admission Ticket - PC Code in Box

Park Beyond - Deluxe Day 1 Admission Ticket - PC Code in Box

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Design Your Dream Park with Park Beyond for PC!

Unleash your creativity and defy gravity with Park Beyond for PC! Dive into an engaging campaign to master the art of building and managing theme parks. With our intuitive and user-friendly coaster editor, you can create breathtaking attractions and challenge the laws of physics with various modules. The success of your parks is in your hands. Hire staff, manage your employees, monitor density maps, gather visitor feedback, and take necessary actions. Enjoy complete freedom with the sandbox mode. If you want limitless creativity, select the unlimited resources option and design the park of your dreams! For those who thrive on meticulous management, spice things up by setting your own goals, starting budget, and map. Let your imagination run wild! Share your designs with the world or download creations from the community.

Deluxe Day 1 Admission Ticket Includes:

  • Steelbook

  • The Game

  • Stickers

  • Physical & Digital Soundtrack by Olivier Deriviere

  • Postcards


Through eight thrilling missions, new players can learn the basics of building and managing theme parks, while seasoned players can follow the adventures of the eccentric Phil and his team as they overcome obstacles set by the ruthless businessman Hemlock.


Craving freedom? Discover the sandbox mode: quickly learn the game basics in the exploration park, or create your own management challenge and design your dream park on one of the 13 available maps. Your creativity is the only limit!


The concept of impossification is simple: what if you could break free from the constraints of cost, gravity, and technology? Choose your attractions, coasters, and shops, and push your imagination to the limit. With impossification, you can create the most outrageous attractions ever designed: a multi-level carousel that defies all laws of nature, or a cannon that propels coaster cars through the air.


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