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XXL Interactive Dance Piano Mat - Fun & Engaging Play - 42 x 180 cm

XXL Interactive Dance Piano Mat - Fun & Engaging Play - 42 x 180 cm

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**Product Description**

**Play, Dance, and Create Music Together**

Introducing the N-Gear Pianomat XXL – an extra-large interactive play mat designed for endless musical fun. Perfectly sized for children to easily step on the keys, this mat is spacious enough for two kids to play simultaneously. Simply insert the batteries, roll it out, and let the musical adventure begin. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

**8 Instruments in 1**

Jump and dance on the colorful keys to create music. With color-coded keys and a selection of 8 different musical instruments, children can play almost any song – as long as their feet can keep up!


The Pianomat comes with 10 built-in songs, 8 instrument sounds (sound effects), and a recording & playback function. With just a press of a button, the mat plays 10 popular tunes. Using the color-coded sheet music, kids can learn to play these songs themselves or compose their own by dancing on this cheerful pianomat.

**The Perfect Gift for Kids Aged 3 and Up**

Looking for an innovative Christmas or birthday gift for children aged 3 and up? Look no further! Watch their faces light up when you give them this super-duper pianomat. This interactive play mat combines the elements of a piano and a dance mat in one.

**Educational & Healthy**

The N-Gear Pianomat XXL is an excellent educational toy for children. It challenges kids in a playful way, stimulating brain development, fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, socialization, and creativity. The color-coded keys and foot operation extensively promote hand/foot-eye coordination. It's crucial to focus on good physical and motor development, as research shows that a lack of it can negatively impact school performance. Ensure children have ample opportunities for movement throughout their school years.

**Practical Features**

Our N-GEAR Pianomat is made from high-quality materials and is easy to clean. Its durable construction withstands endless jumping and dancing. Cleanup is a breeze: it folds compactly, taking up minimal space and making it easy to carry.

**Key Features**

- 180 cm long
- 24 large color-coded keys
- 8 instrument sounds (sound effects)
- Recording and playback function
- Integrated speaker
- Adjustable volume
- 10 built-in popular songs
- 10 children's songs with color-coded sheet music
- Durable and easy to clean
- Safe operation with 3 x AA batteries (not included)
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