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Smart Wi-Fi Energy Monitor - Real-Time Power Usage Tracking via App - HomeWizard P1 Meter

Smart Wi-Fi Energy Monitor - Real-Time Power Usage Tracking via App - HomeWizard P1 Meter

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**Attention:** If you have a smart meter with an SMR version of 5.0 or higher, it provides enough power to operate without an adapter. (You can find the SMR version on your smart meter.) For older smart meters with a lower SMR version, a Micro USB adapter is required.

**Track Your Energy Usage with Precision**

Discover the ultimate tool for monitoring your energy consumption with ease and accuracy. Our device seamlessly connects to your smart meter, providing real-time insights into your electricity, gas usage, and solar energy production. Whether you want to track your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly consumption, our app offers beautifully detailed graphs to help you understand your energy habits.

**Effortless Installation**

Simply plug the device into your smart meter to gain instant access to your energy data. HomeWizard offers second-by-second updates on your energy usage, outperforming traditional energy providers. Compatible with all smart meters, the P1 meter is even powered directly from the meter in modern setups.

**Historical Data at Your Fingertips**

Our app provides comprehensive live, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly graphs, complete with cost overviews. See what your appliances consume overnight, how much gas you use during showers, or the energy your solar panels generate.

**Perfect for Solar Panel Owners**

If you have solar panels, the P1 meter shows your net energy usage by displaying both the energy you consume from the grid and what you feed back into it. For a complete picture of your home’s energy production and consumption, pair the P1 meter with the HomeWizard Wi-Fi kWh meter on your solar panels. The app can even calculate your energy costs, including net metering, based on your specific rates.

**Industrial-Grade Accuracy**

The P1 meter communicates directly with your smart meter via the P1 port, delivering precise, real-time data on your energy usage down to the second.

**Privacy and Security**

Your data is securely transmitted directly from your smart meter to the P1 meter, ensuring your privacy while providing accurate, up-to-the-second information.

- Phases: 1 to 3 phases
- Rates: Normal/Off-Peak
- Net Metering: Yes
- Compatible Meters: Kaifa, Landys-Gyr, Kamstrup, ISKRA, Elster, Echelon, Enermet, etc.
- Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz b/g/n
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