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Ultimate Dutch Party Game - Hitster Guilty Pleasures by Jumbo - Fun & Action-Packed!

Ultimate Dutch Party Game - Hitster Guilty Pleasures by Jumbo - Fun & Action-Packed!

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Guilty Pleasure

The party never stops with HITSTER Guilty Pleasures! Dive into the most entertaining party game with a brand-new edition featuring the most iconic guilty pleasure hits from the past decades. Build your timeline shamelessly with these catchy tunes because, let's be honest, everyone secretly knows the lyrics! HITSTER is the music game where you don't need to be a music expert to win. However, your chances improve if you can name the artists and song titles.

How to Play:

Select a music card and scan the QR code with the HITSTER app to automatically play the song on Spotify. Guess the release year and place the card in the correct spot on your music timeline. Flip the card to see if you guessed correctly. If you did, keep the card to continue building your timeline. Tip: Add HITSTER tokens to the mix for an even more thrilling game.

Different Play Levels:

HITSTER offers various play levels, making it a challenge for every music lover!

  • Original: Instant Party! Place the music cards in the correct order on your timeline.

  • Pro: Show off your music knowledge! Prove how well you know artists and their songs.

  • Expert: Hardcore HITSTER! You love music and know the title, artist, and year by heart!

  • Cooperative: Work together! Create a single music timeline with your friends.

Quick Overview:

  • PARTY GAME: For adults aged 16 and up, suitable for 2 to 10 players.

  • EASY PLAY: Simple rules make it easy to start the game quickly.

  • GREATEST HITS: The greatest guilty pleasure hits will create an instant party for everyone… guaranteed!

  • DIFFERENT LEVELS: Competitive, cooperative, and solo play options ensure fun in any group setting!
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