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HD 1080P Webcam with Microphone – USB Plug & Play – Privacy Cover – Compatible with Windows & Mac

HD 1080P Webcam with Microphone – USB Plug & Play – Privacy Cover – Compatible with Windows & Mac

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Introducing the Ultimate Full HD Webcam for Crystal Clear Video Calls

Ever had a colleague with a pixelated screen or another with garbled audio? It can seriously hamper productivity during meetings. Say goodbye to those issues with our multifunctional Full HD Webcam! Designed with high resolution and an integrated microphone, this webcam is perfect for online meetings, conference calls, virtual classes, and video chats with family and friends. It’s almost like being in the same room with them.

### The Best Choice for Video Meetings

Built-in laptop webcams often deliver poor quality, affecting the productivity of your video meetings. With our Full HD Webcam, you’ll experience the highest resolution, making it feel like you’re right there with your colleagues or friends. The built-in microphone with noise-canceling technology ensures you’re heard loud and clear.

### Key Features:
- **DVH Webcam Full HD 1080P**: Enjoy razor-sharp images with Full HD resolution.
- **Noise-Canceling Microphone**: Communicate clearly, even from up to 10 meters away.
- **Universal Compatibility**: Works with any computer, laptop, or even TV screen.
- **30fps Frame Rate**: Smooth and fluid video quality.
- **Easy to Use**: Plug and play, no additional software required.
- **Versatile Applications**: Ideal for YouTube, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Live, Instagram, Xbox, and more.

### Full HD for Crystal Clear Images

With the Mondio multifunctional webcam, you get stunningly sharp images in Full 1080P HD. The built-in microphone, equipped with noise-canceling technology, ensures you’re clearly audible, even from a distance.

### Universal Compatibility

This multifunctional webcam comes with a universal clip that can be used with any laptop, computer, or TV screen. No software installation is needed—simply connect the webcam, and your colleagues or friends will be amazed by the crystal-clear image quality.

### System Requirements:
- Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or higher
- Mac OS 10.6 or higher
- Chrome OS
- Android v5.0 or higher

### Specifications:
- **Material**: ABS
- **Color**: Black
- **Resolution**: 1920*1080 Full HD
- **Frame Rate**: 30fps
- **Microphone**: Yes
- **
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