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FurReal Cubby the Bear - Interactive Plush Companion

FurReal Cubby the Bear - Interactive Plush Companion

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Introducing FurReal Cubby, the Curious Interactive Bear – the perfect dream companion for children aged four and up. Always ready for an adventure or a cozy cuddle at the end of the day, Cubby is the friend every child will adore.

Cubby comes with a 3-in-1 accessory for feeding, drinking, and grooming. This inquisitive little cub loves to be picked up and hugged (he hugs you back!), plays peek-a-boo, and even dances occasionally. And when it's mealtime, give him his bottle and listen to his adorable feeding sounds. Cubby is also quite the chatterbox – talk to him, and he babbles back!

When it's time to rest, switch Cubby to sleep mode. He closes his eyes, makes sleepy sounds, and plays one of his five-minute lullabies. Goodnight, Cubby! His expressive face features moving eyes, nose, and mouth, making him irresistibly cute. With over 100 sound and motion combinations, Cubby truly is a dream friend for any child.

Please note: Cubby the Bear operates on 4 C LR14 batteries, which are not included. Cubby doesn't speak any specific language; he babbles and makes sounds.

Bring home FurReal Cubby today – the interactive bear that promises endless fun and heartwarming moments!
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