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Erikssøn Beamer Prime - Ultra-Bright 6600 Ansi-Lumens Mini Projector - Stream Directly from Your Phone

Erikssøn Beamer Prime - Ultra-Bright 6600 Ansi-Lumens Mini Projector - Stream Directly from Your Phone

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Transform Your Space into an Immersive Home Theater

Imagine lounging back and watching your favorite movies, series, or sports events anywhere you desire, all in stunning HD quality. With the Erikssøn Beamer Prime, this dream becomes a reality. Despite its name, the Beamer Prime rivals professional-grade projectors, thanks to its impressive 6600 ANSI Lumens and unique pixel rendering function that brings colors to life in HD. The Erikssøn Beamer Prime stands as the most powerful projector in its class.

### Key Features and Benefits:
- **6600 ANSI Lumens**: Bright and vibrant projections.
- **Plug & Play**: No complicated setup required.
- **Included Accessories**: Comes with HDMI and RCA cables.
- **Wireless Connectivity**: Compatible with smartphones, laptops, PlayStation, and more.
- **Dual Built-in Speakers**: Enjoy immersive sound.
- **3000:1 Contrast Ratio**: Sharp and clear images.
- **Full HD Support up to 1080P**: High-definition viewing experience.
- **Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Enabled**: Seamless wireless connections.
- **60,000 Hours Lamp Life**: Long-lasting performance.
- **Thuiswinkel Waarborg Certified**: Trusted quality assurance.

### Project Full HD Anywhere You Want
With its 6600 ANSI Lumens and 3000:1 contrast ratio, the Erikssøn Beamer Prime can project in Full HD, bringing your visuals to life wherever you are. Whether it's in your bedroom, office, or under the veranda, the built-in Wi-Fi receiver and Screen-Mirror function ensure you can project without needing a smartphone or PC. Enjoy projections up to 150" inches (381 cm) for a cinematic experience, or opt for the best pixel density at 100" inches.

### Low Energy Consumption, High Performance
Utilizing the latest cooling technology and the advanced AQi Chipset, the Erikssøn Beamer Prime delivers top-notch image quality with minimal energy consumption. Unlike projectors launched in 2022, this model operates at 00 dB, allowing you to project in whisper-quiet conditions.

### Endless Connectivity Options
The Erikssøn Beamer Prime features multiple physical ports, making it compatible with PS5, XBOX, Wii, PCs, smartphones, VGA, AC, USB, media players, headphones, external speakers, Chromecast, and Apple TV. Hosting a movie night with friends? Easily connect to a wireless speaker for
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