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Compact Pocket Printer - Instant Sticker & Photo Printer - Perfect Christmas Gift - Includes 3 Rolls

Compact Pocket Printer - Instant Sticker & Photo Printer - Perfect Christmas Gift - Includes 3 Rolls

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Introducing the Mini Pocket Printer: Your Portable Thermal Printing Solution

Say goodbye to expensive ink cartridges and hello to the Mini Pocket Printer, a compact and innovative thermal printer that uses heat to create prints. This technology, commonly used in restaurants for printing receipts, is now available for your creative projects and everyday needs.

Perfect Gift for Kids
Featured in this year's Toy Book, the Mini Pocket Printer is a highly sought-after gift for children, especially during the holiday season.

Print Directly from Your Phone
With the free Luck Jingle app, you can effortlessly print your favorite creations from your phone or tablet. The printer comes with three complimentary rolls of print paper (1x white, 1x pink, and 1x white sticker paper) valued at €9.99, so you can start printing right away!

Long-Lasting Battery Life
Charge the Mini Pocket Printer for just 1.5 hours using the included USB cable, and enjoy up to 24 hours of continuous use. Its compact size (8.7 cm x 8.1 cm) makes it easy to carry in your bag or pocket, ensuring you can print on the go.

Versatile Printing Options
- Photos and Images
- Labels/Stickers
- Notes (with emoticons and fun images for scrapbooking)
- Templates (to-do lists, sticky notes, rich templates)
- Text Editor (type and print text with customizable fonts and sizes)
- Banners (print vertical letters)
- Fixed-Length Prints (choose a specific size)
- Documents (mobile documents, Word/PDF, text)
- Web Pages
- Icons

Creative Inspiration
Unleash your creativity with the Mini Pocket Printer. Fill your scrapbook with unique prints, enhance homemade cards with stickers, and organize your study materials, shopping lists, and herb labels. Decorate your planner, notebook, bullet journal, or art journal with charming accents, or print black-and-white drawings to color in your favorite shades.

What's in the Box?
- 1x Mini Pocket Printer
- 1x USB Charging Cable
- 1x User Manual
- 1x White Print Paper
- 1x Pink Print Paper
- 1x White Sticker Paper

Transform your creative projects and everyday tasks with the Mini Pocket Printer. Order yours today and experience the convenience and fun of portable thermal printing!
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