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Auronic Electric Convection Heater - 750/1250/2000W - Adjustable Thermostat - Sleek White Design

Auronic Electric Convection Heater - 750/1250/2000W - Adjustable Thermostat - Sleek White Design

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**Stay Warm and Cozy with the Auronic Convection Heater**

Are you still shivering despite wearing your thickest sweater? Instantly warm up your room with the Auronic Convection Heater. Choose from three heat settings (750W, 1250W, 2000W) and adjust the temperature with the rotary thermostat knob. This compact, efficient heater is easy to move around safely, thanks to its heat-resistant handles!

**Key Benefits:**
- **Even and Quick Heating:** The convection heater draws in cold air, heats it, and then blows out warm air, ensuring your room feels warmer quickly.
- **Efficient Temperature Control:** Choose from 750W, 1250W, or 2000W settings, adjustable with the thermostat knob to suit your preferences.
- **Portable and Space-Saving:** Its compact size makes it perfect for any room. Easily move it from the bathroom to the bedroom or living room with its convenient handles.
- **Cool-to-Touch Housing:** The heating element is shielded, keeping the exterior cooler than traditional oil heaters.

**How It Works:**
The Auronic Convection Heater efficiently warms up your space by drawing in cold air, heating it, and circulating warm air throughout the room. This process ensures a consistent and comfortable temperature. However, remember to avoid placing any clothing or objects on the heater to prevent fire hazards.

**Ideal for Rooms Up to 15m²:**
This heater is perfect for small to medium-sized rooms, providing efficient heating for spaces up to approximately 15 square meters.

- **Brand:** Auronic
- **Material:** Polypropylene and ABS Plastic
- **Color:** Black
- **Weight:** 2.1KG
- **Dimensions:** 53.5 x 19.6 x 38.5 cm
- **Certifications:** CE, RoHS
- **Heat Settings:** 750W, 1250W, 2000W
- **Max Power:** 2000W
- **Suitable Room Size:** Up to ~15m²
- **Input:** 220V-240V / 50Hz
- **Plug Type:** C
- **Cord Length:** 1.5 m
- **Overheat Protection:** Yes

**Package Includes:**
- 1x Auronic Convection Heater
- 1x User Manual
- 1x Mounting Material

**Safety Note:**
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