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Alecto SB-11 Fire Blanket 100x100 cm - EN1869 Certified - Easy to Hang for Quick Access

Alecto SB-11 Fire Blanket 100x100 cm - EN1869 Certified - Easy to Hang for Quick Access

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**Fire Blanket: Safely Extinguish Small Fires**

We use fire in our daily lives without much thought—whether it's the flame in the water heater, the burning gas burners while cooking, or the matches to light a candle. These small, innocent flames can quickly become dangerous. To be prepared for a potential flare-up, it's best to have a fire blanket in a convenient location. Ensure the blanket is easily accessible so you can act swiftly. The SB-11 Fire Blanket is your guardian angel in almost any situation, preventing further damage. However, for oil, grease, or fat fires, leave the blanket and use a special grease fire extinguisher instead. Never use water on such fires, as it will worsen the situation. If the fire is larger than a football, leave the firefighting to professionals and ensure everyone in the building is safe.

**What Makes a Good Fire Blanket?**

When purchasing a fire blanket, consider the following specifications. Here are the key features of the SB-11 Fire Blanket:

- **Effective for Small Fires:** Ideal for fires up to the size of a football.
- **High-Quality Material:** Made from double-coated fiberglass fabric.
- **Generous Size:** Measuring 100 x 100 cm, this blanket is large enough to safely extinguish small fires.

**How to Use a Fire Blanket**

As mentioned, always ensure the fire blanket is in a visible and easily reachable location. If you need to use the blanket, follow these steps:

1. Approach the fire calmly and cautiously, prioritizing your safety.
2. Hold the blanket at eye level between you and the fire for protection.
3. Crouch behind the blanket as you approach the fire.
4. Place the blanket over the fire source, ensuring no oxygen can reach the flames.
5. Turn off any heat source if possible.

A sudden fire can be alarming, but with the right fire safety equipment, you can act quickly and effectively. Choosing Alecto means opting for a well-designed, user-friendly, and high-quality product.

**What's in the Box?**

- Fire Blanket

Make safety a priority with the SB-11 Fire Blanket—your reliable partner in fire emergencies.
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