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Ultimate Gaming & Streaming PC Microphone - Condenser - Noise Cancelling - Pop Filter - Black

Ultimate Gaming & Streaming PC Microphone - Condenser - Noise Cancelling - Pop Filter - Black

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Unleash Your Creativity with the LifeGoods PC Microphone

Are you a gamer, singer, podcaster, or someone who loves high-quality video calls? The LifeGoods PC Microphone is your perfect companion! With its Plug & Play feature, you can start recording instantly without the hassle of installing drivers. The microphone's 180° rotatable arm, measuring 35 cm, offers complete freedom of movement during your recordings. Equipped with an advanced sound chipset with a resolution of 192 kHz/24 bit, this microphone ensures optimal sound quality. The included windscreen and pop filter guarantee noise-free recordings.

### Key Benefits:
- **Compatible with Windows and Mac**
- **Includes Windscreen and Pop Filter**
- **192 kHz / 24-bit Resolution**
- **Cardioid Polar Pattern**
- **180° Rotatable Arm**
- **Plug & Play**

### Plug & Play Convenience
With the LifeGoods PC Condenser Microphone, there's no need to install drivers or use external drives. Simply plug the microphone into your computer or laptop's USB-A port, and you're ready to go! Adjust the microphone settings directly on your computer. This microphone is compatible with all Windows and Mac OS devices that have a USB-A port.

### 180° Rotatable Arm
The sturdy arm of the microphone is highly flexible, allowing you to rotate it 180° and adjust its 35 cm length to your preference, even during recordings. Attach the microphone to any tabletop with a thickness of 0-45 mm and enjoy unrestricted movement!

### Superior Sound Quality
Featuring the most advanced sound chipset, the LifeGoods PC Condenser Microphone offers a resolution of 192 kHz/24 bit, delivering clear, pure, and smooth sound. Whether you're recording music, a podcast, or live gaming, this microphone ensures top-notch audio quality.

### Noise Cancelling with Cardioid Polar Pattern
The microphone records in a cardioid polar pattern, actively and efficiently suppressing ambient noise. This results in clearer and more realistic sound, free from unwanted background noise.

### Complete Set for Easy Recording
The included accessories make recording even simpler and noise-free. The windscreen and pop filter ensure that words with 'b', 'p', or 'f' sounds come through clearly and sharply. You can install and use the windscreen and pop filter as needed. Additionally, the microphone arm features an integrated shock mount.

### Package Contents:
- PC Microphone (1x)
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