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"Strex Starter Kit for Arduino - ATmega328P - 244 Pieces - In Plastic Storage Box" "Strex Starter Kit for Arduino - ATmega328P - 244 Pieces - In Plastic Storage Box"

"Strex Starter Kit for Arduino - ATmega328P - 244 Pieces - In Plastic Storage Box" "Strex Starter Kit for Arduino - ATmega328P - 244 Pieces - In Plastic Storage Box"

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Are you a tech enthusiast or just starting out with programming? With this comprehensive starter kit, you can build the coolest electronic projects! The extensive set has everything you need for guaranteed success, including the special ATmega2560P controller, and is fully compatible with Arduino® IDE software. You don't need any prior knowledge and can program the project of your dreams.

The ideal starter kit
Not sure where to start? Learn step by step about coding with the included CD-ROM tutorial! With detailed circuit diagrams, coding tips, and a library full of useful content, you can effortlessly build your own project, such as a light alarm, assemble your own robot, or create a control board for all your devices!

Convenient storage box
The starter kit comes in a durable and handy plastic storage box with plenty of space. The storage box has several separate compartments, allowing you to safely store all the components without damaging them.

Packed with components
With 244 components, this starter kit has everything you need for your projects. It includes an LCD screen, LEDs, (servo) motors, buttons, water sensor, joystick, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, and much more. It also comes with an 830-point breadboard and plenty of cables, ensuring you always have enough space for all your projects.

What makes the Strex starter kit suitable for Arduino so special? With detailed instructions, you can start right away! Your benefits:
✓ Complete package
✓ 100% compatible with Arduino® IDE software
✓ Ideal for beginners and advanced users
✓ Detailed instructions and sample code
✓ Suitable for all ages

Optimal convenience
With the smart open-source development software from Arduino® (IDE), you can start your first project within minutes! This software makes it easy for anyone to write software and upload it directly to the ATmega328P controller via a USB connection, so the fun can begin.

An ATmega328 controller board is a panel on which you can install programmable electronics. This allows you to connect numerous components to your board and create your own projects based on programs. The ATmega328P can be seen as the heart of your new projects and is indispensable. The ATmega328P has 20 inputs/outputs, making it a powerful microcontroller that allows you to get the most out of your projects.

Looking for a gift for your favorite techie? Choose the Strex starter kit suitable for Arduino!

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