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"Rayneo Air 2" -> "Rayneo Air 2 Wireless Earbuds" Translation: "Rayneo Air 2" -> "Rayneo Air 2"

"Rayneo Air 2" -> "Rayneo Air 2 Wireless Earbuds" Translation: "Rayneo Air 2" -> "Rayneo Air 2"

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Discover the Rayneo Air 2: Your Personal Film World Step into your own cinema experience with the Rayneo Air 2 and enjoy your private film world anywhere. This advanced AR glasses, the RayNeo Air 2, projects images onto the glass that are exclusively visible to you. Whether you're on the train, bus, or metro, you can work or watch videos without others being able to see.

Compatibility and Future Support Please note: Currently, not all smartphones support this glasses. Check the compatibility list in the product images for supported devices. An adapter for other smartphones will be available later this year.

Overview of the Rayneo Air 2: With advanced projection technology, it feels like you have a 5-meter screen in front of you. An impressive 201" (510 cm) width provides you with an expansive view to watch movies directly from your phone or computer. Whether it's gaming, movie night, or work, the Rayneo Air 2 allows you to enjoy a top-notch experience anywhere.

Comfort and Functionality The Air 2 is designed for long-lasting comfort. The weight is evenly distributed, so the glasses won't shift during movements. Adjust it to your position, including nose pads for a perfect fit. Weighing only 76 grams, this glasses feels light on your head, allowing you to effortlessly step into a new world.

Smooth Images and Enhanced Viewing Experience With a refresh rate of 120Hz, you can enjoy smooth images. Action games or fast-paced scenes in movies remain sharp and clear, while moving objects become blurry at lower refresh rates, such as 30Hz.

Exceptional Image Quality and Sound The Rayneo Air 2 delivers exceptional colors and brightness thanks to Sony's Micro OLED displays, specially designed for an optimal viewing experience. And dive into the improved, innovative Whisper Mode with advanced acoustic phase cancellation technology for unparalleled sound quality, discreetly and fully in harmony with your surroundings.
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