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Ultimate Qumax Heated Foot Spa with Massage Rollers – Vibrating & Bubbling Foot Massager – LCD Display – Up to 48°C

Ultimate Qumax Heated Foot Spa with Massage Rollers – Vibrating & Bubbling Foot Massager – LCD Display – Up to 48°C

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Indulge in Ultimate Foot Care and Relaxation with the Qumax Heated Foot Spa

Pamper your feet and unwind with the luxurious Qumax Heated Foot Spa. This premium foot bath offers bubbling, vibrating, and massaging features to provide the ultimate relaxation experience. Easily adjust all settings via the intuitive LCD screen and immerse yourself in a soothing, stress-relieving foot bath.

Heated Foot Bath
Set your desired temperature between 35°C and 48°C on the LCD screen, and the foot spa will quickly heat the water to your preference. The powerful heating element ensures the water remains at a consistent temperature, allowing you to enjoy a warm foot bath for as long as you desire.

Bubbles, Vibration, and Trigger Points
Create a calming bubble bath for your feet with the bubble function, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The vibrating feature alleviates foot fatigue, while the trigger points help your feet achieve optimal relaxation. All functions are easily adjustable via the clear and practical LCD screen.

Massaging Rollers
The foot spa includes four massaging rollers that deeply massage your feet, relieving pain points and leaving your feet feeling refreshed. The rollers can be easily removed if not needed.

Ergonomic Design
Designed for ultimate comfort, the foot spa features a bottom with comfortable nodules for your feet to rest on. It also includes a compartment for soap, adding extra care and a delightful fragrance to your foot bath. The anti-slip base ensures the foot spa remains stable during use.

Key Features of the Qumax Foot Spa
✔ Powerful heating element: quickly warms up
✔ Bubbling and vibrating functions
✔ Equipped with massaging rollers
✔ Easy-to-use LCD screen for setting adjustments
✔ Anti-slip base for stability

Relax and rejuvenate with the Qumax Heated Foot Spa.

✔ Temperature: 35-48°C
✔ Depth: 14 cm
✔ Capacity: 8 liters
✔ Power: 300-500 Watts
✔ Dimensions: 43.5 x 38.5 x 22.7 cm
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