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Noswo Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spout - Kitchen Mixer Tap - Hand Shower - Flexible Hose - Black Noswo Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spout

Noswo Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spout - Kitchen Mixer Tap - Hand Shower - Flexible Hose - Black Noswo Kitchen Faucet with Pull-Out Spout

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A kitchen faucet is the centerpiece of any kitchen. Visitors' eyes are immediately drawn to what hangs above the sink. This luxurious black kitchen faucet looks great in an industrial or modern interior and complements this style like no other. In addition to its fantastic appearance, this luxurious black kitchen faucet also has handy specifications. The faucet is suitable for countertops ranging from 0.5 cm to 5 cm thick and has a 3/8 inch faucet connection.

Hard water is caused when no air enters the flow. This creates a harsh sensation, known as hard water. This luxurious kitchen faucet is equipped with a perlator. A perlator is a handy mechanism that ensures the water flow is mixed with air, making the water feel softer. A kitchen faucet with a perlator also operates much quieter than a faucet without one.

Benefits of the luxury black kitchen faucet:
- Sufficient capacity – this luxury kitchen faucet does not waste time. Approximately 7 liters per minute flow from this kitchen faucet, so you never have to wait for anything. You can adjust the temperature from 0 to 90°C.
- Two different streams – Choose between the regular setting or the shower setting.
- Two hoses – this faucet comes with two included hoses, one for cold and one for hot water.
- Perlator – the perlator in this kitchen faucet ensures that air is mixed with the water, making the water feel softer.
- Stainless steel – the faucet is resistant to rust.
- Eyecatcher – with its luxurious design, tall height of 43 centimeters, and sleek color, this kitchen faucet is a real eyecatcher in any kitchen. For precise dimensions, please refer to the photo.

Flexible faucet hose:
Not everyone always uses the dishwasher. Washing the dishes by hand is a green, environmentally friendly option. In that case, it is handy to have a flexible water hose so you can easily reach the dishes, instead of having to hold heavy pans under the stream. This luxury kitchen faucet comes with a flexible hose so you can enjoy freedom of movement with the water.

Key specifications:
- 180° swivel high spout
- 360° swivel hose
- Height 43cm
- Regular stream and spray stream
- Quiet
- 3/8" connection
- Made of brass and stainless steel
- 3-year warranty

Buy this luxury black kitchen faucet now and complement your kitchen with a real eyecatcher!
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