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"Nintendo Switch - Super Mario Bros. Wonder" "Super Mario Bros. Wonder"

"Nintendo Switch - Super Mario Bros. Wonder" "Super Mario Bros. Wonder"

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder: The next evolution of side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. games in 2D is coming to the Nintendo Switch. When you touch a wonder flower in the game, magical things can happen - pipes can come to life, hordes of enemies can appear, and the appearance of characters can completely change, transforming the gameplay in unexpected ways. So, there are plenty of wonders waiting for you in every level.

Brand new power-ups: In addition to the classic super mushroom, fire flower, and superstar, Super Mario Bros. Wonder also features brand new power-ups! These three new transformations can be very useful in the battle against Bowser and his minions.

Elephant apple: Throw your weight into the fight with this new transformation! Smash through blocks, knock enemies aside, and use your elephant trunk to suck up and spit out water.

Bubble flower: Shoot beautiful bubbles forward, as they can capture enemies or be used as platforms to reach difficult-to-reach places.

Drill mushroom: Easily dig through the ground or the ceiling. This way, you can take on armored or spiky enemies, or avoid danger altogether!

Share the fun: The adventure in the world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder is even more enjoyable when you share it with others! Play together locally or online and save the Flower Kingdom as a team, or enhance the adventure when playing alone by connecting online.

Local play (2-4 players): Experience wonderful fun with up to three friends on the same gaming system! Play together and save each other's ghosts in case of emergency, or ride on the back of a Yoshi player!

Online play (2-4 players): Create an online room for up to 12 players and invite your friends to share the fun! Play levels and collect wonder seeds, or turn almost any level into a racecourse and see who can reach the goal first.

Connecting online: While playing Mario Wonder levels, you may sometimes see ghosts of other players or special boards placed online by others. Touch such a board if you are a ghost yourself, as it will bring you back to life. You can also place a board yourself to help others. If you help someone who is connected online, you will earn heart points!

Mountains of badges! Badges are the key to unlocking unique abilities and rewards in each Super Mario Bros. Wonder level. You can earn them by completing special badge test levels or get them at certain Poplinshops. In each level, you can equip
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