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Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat - 500 to 1500 Pieces - 118x66 cm. Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat

Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat - 500 to 1500 Pieces - 118x66 cm. Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat

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Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat Puzzle Roll 500 to 1500 Pieces

With the Jumbo Puzzle & Roll Puzzle Mat, it becomes very easy to store and transport puzzles. You place the puzzle pieces on the specially designed mat, and when you want to store the puzzle, you assemble the tube and roll the mat around it. The elastic bands around the roll keep the mat in place. This way, you can continue puzzling whenever it suits you! The puzzle accessory is suitable for storing puzzles of 500 to 1500 pieces, with dimensions of 118 x 66 cm.

- 1 felt base/puzzle mat measuring 118 x 66 cm
- 3 tube parts (1 middle section consisting of a green and brown tube, 2 side sections)
- 2 plastic caps for the ends of the tube
- 2 elastic bands

- Suitable for: 500-1500 pieces
- Product dimensions: 118 x 66 cm (l x w)
- Material: Felt, cardboard
- Color: Green
- Lightweight: 713 gr

How does it work? Watch the video on this product page for clear instructions. Assemble the puzzle on the felt mat. Ready to store the puzzle? First, assemble the cardboard tube. The tube consists of three parts: a middle section and two side sections. The middle section is slightly shorter and contains a brown cardboard tube. The brown tube protrudes on both sides. Slide the two side sections onto it. Attach the two plastic caps to the ends of the tube, and the tube is ready! Place the tube on one narrow end of the felt base and carefully wrap the felt with the puzzle around it until both are completely rolled up. Secure the roll with the included elastic bands. Thanks to the slip-resistant felt, all puzzle pieces stay in place. Now you can safely transport and store the puzzle, preferably lying down.

- If the brown tube slides in the middle section of the tube, use a drop of glue to secure it.
- Roll the felt and puzzle fairly tightly around the tube. This ensures that the elastic bands attach well and the puzzle pieces stay in place.
- With frequent use, folds or bumps may appear in the felt. This can be easily resolved by ironing the back (unprinted side) of the felt puzzle mat on the lowest setting.

Note: Puzzle not included.
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