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GoPlay Fidget Toys Package - 60 Pieces - Fidget Toy Box - Set for Kids & Adults - Pop it - Speed Cube GoPlay Fidget Toys Package

GoPlay Fidget Toys Package - 60 Pieces - Fidget Toy Box - Set for Kids & Adults - Pop it - Speed Cube GoPlay Fidget Toys Package

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Does your child also have trouble sitting still? Does your child struggle with stress and have difficulty focusing on certain tasks? Then this is the ideal solution! With up to 60 different fidget toys, your child can stay entertained for hours without losing focus! Choose from a simple stress ball, a puzzle, or even a small Rubik's cube! Our toys are specially designed to improve the academic performance of busy, restless children. They also work well for reducing stress and anxiety. Ideal for parents who are concerned about their children!

Improve academic performance
For children who struggle with learning and have trouble staying focused in class, fidget toys are the perfect solution! They allow the child to move around and engage their hands without distracting from the subject matter.

Reduce stress and anxiety
Fidget toys also help alleviate a significant amount of stress and anxiety. By keeping the hands busy and providing a healthy outlet for stress and anxiety, your child will experience less of these negative emotions.

Enhance coordination and fine motor skills
Fidget toys are ideal for children who still struggle with hand-eye coordination. They help train the hands to move independently from the head, resulting in improved motor skills, better coordination, and an overall sense of well-being.

Something for everyone
Our set includes a wide variety of 60 different fidget toys. This ensures that there is something for everyone, allowing the child to choose the perfect toy for any situation. Sometimes a stress ball may be sufficient, while other times a Rubik's cube may work better!

Would you also like your child to perform better in school? Or does your child experience a lot of stress and anxiety, and you're not sure how to help? Try one of the 60 fidget toys in our convenient and extensive set! Improve hand-eye coordination, train fine motor skills, and enhance academic performance with a simple toy. Choose the right fidget toy for the right situation thanks to the wide selection and give your child a happy, stress-free life!
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