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Ultimate Chesto Beamer - 4K Support, 10,000 Lumens, WiFi Streaming from Phone

Ultimate Chesto Beamer - 4K Support, 10,000 Lumens, WiFi Streaming from Phone

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Transform Your Living Room into a Cinema Paradise with the Chesto FullHD Projector

Ever dreamed of experiencing the thrilling, magical atmosphere of a real cinema right in your own home? Dream no more! The Chesto FullHD Projector is designed to bring that dream to life. This isn't just any projector; it's a powerful, multifunctional device that combines the most innovative technologies with user-friendly features.

Key Features:

✓ 10,000 Lumen Lens: We understand how crucial image quality is for your movie nights and presentations. Our advanced 10,000-lumen lens projection delivers exceptionally bright and vivid images.

✓ 1920x1080P Native Resolution: Enjoy razor-sharp images that bring your favorite movies, sports events, and gaming adventures to life.

✓ Compact & Silent: The last thing you want is a noisy device ruining your viewing pleasure. Our projector is not only compact but also whisper-quiet, making it perfect for any room in your home.

✓ 5W Hi-Fi Speakers: Our built-in high-fidelity speakers provide a powerful audio experience. Say goodbye to external speakers and messy cables.

Why Eye Comfort Matters

Our exclusive, advanced optical technology not only offers breathtaking images but also ensures an extremely comfortable viewing experience. Thanks to the high refractive index of the multi-glass lenses, you get a 100% sharply focused image that will delight your eyes.

Wireless Connectivity: Take Control

Say goodbye to annoying cables! With our easy smartphone connectivity, you can project everything from YouTube videos to slideshows and even your favorite games.

Experience 4K Like Never Before

While the native resolution of the Chesto FullHD Projector is already impressive, we've gone a step further by supporting 4K signal input. This means you can easily upgrade to 4K content in the future without needing a new projector.

Native Resolution vs. Supported Resolution

A common question we receive is the difference between native and supported resolution. Simply put, native resolution is the true, built-in resolution of the projector, while supported resolution refers to the resolutions the projector can accept from external sources.

Fully Customizable Image

One of the most unique features of the Chesto FullHD Projector is the ability to adjust the image in every aspect. Whether you want to change the aspect ratio or set specific color profiles, our projector gives you the flexibility you need.


The Chesto FullHD Projector is not just a projector; it's your ticket to a world of high
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