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ASUS RT-AX53U - High-Speed WiFi 6 Router - 4G/5G Ready - AX1800 Performance

ASUS RT-AX53U - High-Speed WiFi 6 Router - 4G/5G Ready - AX1800 Performance

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Introducing the RT-AX53U: Your Ultimate Dual-Band WiFi Solution

Experience lightning-fast wireless connections with the RT-AX53U, a 2x2 dual-band WiFi router that offers 80MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM for dramatically enhanced speeds. With a combined network speed of up to 1800Mbps—574Mbps on the 2.4GHz band and 1201Mbps on the 5GHz band—the RT-AX53U is 1.5 times faster than traditional 802.11ac 2x2 dual-band routers.

**Perfect for Multi-Device Households**

Designed to handle multiple devices seamlessly, the RT-AX53U leverages revolutionary OFDMA and MU-MIMO technology. This 802.11ax technology boosts network capacity and efficiency by up to 4 times in high-traffic environments. Unlike older 802.11ac WiFi, which can only manage one device per network channel, the RT-AX53U’s OFDMA support divides each channel into smaller sub-channels. This allows signals from multiple devices to be bundled and transmitted simultaneously, reducing latency and providing a smoother, more responsive WiFi experience.

**Extended WiFi Coverage**

With the latest 802.11ax WiFi standard and OFDMA technology, the RT-AX53U offers extended WiFi signal range and improved coverage. By dividing each channel into smaller sub-channels, the router achieves up to 80% greater distance, ensuring a stronger WiFi connection throughout your entire home.

**Advanced Home Network Protection**

Safeguard your home network with ASUS AiProtection, a business-grade security system powered by Trend Micro™ Smart Home Network. AiProtection secures all connected devices, even those without built-in antivirus capabilities like IoT devices. It blocks common internet-based attacks before they reach your network and immediately halts any infected devices from sending personal information to malicious servers.

**4G/5G Backup Router**

As an added bonus, the RT-AX53U can serve as a backup network access point when your primary internet service is unavailable. Simply configure the USB port as a backup WAN by connecting a 4G/5G USB modem or use an Android phone as a mobile hotspot.

Upgrade to the RT-AX53U today and enjoy faster speeds, greater coverage, and enhanced security for all your devices. Make your home network smarter, safer, and more reliable.
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