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Alecto COA3910 Carbon Monoxide Detector with Display - 10 year sensor - Complies with European standard EN50291 - White

Alecto COA3910 Carbon Monoxide Detector with Display - 10 year sensor - Complies with European standard EN50291 - White

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With the Alecto COA3910 carbon monoxide detector, you will be immediately alerted to the presence of carbon monoxide (CO). The detector has a lifespan of up to 10 years. It features a textured wall structure, allowing it to blend seamlessly into almost any interior.

Key features include clear and quick insight through the display notifications. The 10-year sensor ensures long-lasting protection. The CO detector comes with 3 AA batteries, allowing you to use it right away. It alerts you to high concentrations of carbon monoxide, as well as low concentrations. The detector provides clear indications of the situation through the display, sound, and lights. For example, it will notify you when the batteries are running low or when the sensor's 10-year lifespan is ending.

It comes complete with a base plate, screws, and plugs for easy and fast installation. The housing of the carbon monoxide detector, also known as a CO detector, has a noticeable yet unobtrusive wall texture. This allows it to blend nicely into almost any wall. The CO detector is compact (75 x 106 x 35 mm) and can be hung or placed on a surface.

It also provides warnings for lower concentrations of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide detectors display the concentration of carbon monoxide in parts per million (ppm). It is legally required for CO detectors to sound an alarm when a concentration of 50 ppm is detected for 60 minutes. Even when you are asleep, an alarm with a volume of >85dB will not go unnoticed. However, prolonged exposure to lower concentrations of CO is also harmful to health. The Alecto COA3910 carbon monoxide detector provides a warning when a concentration of 30 ppm is detected for 60 minutes.

The COA3910 display offers additional insight. It displays the concentration of carbon monoxide, typically shown as 000ppm. The display also shows the battery status and provides notifications for high CO concentration, test mode, and any potential errors.

Like all Alecto carbon monoxide detectors, the COA3910 is of the highest quality and meets the European Standard (EN50291-1:2018). The Alecto COA3910 has a test button that allows you to easily test if the carbon monoxide detector is functioning properly. With this convenient CO detector, you no longer have to worry about carbon monoxide. The Alecto COA391
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