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Auronic Elektrische Convectorkachel - 750/1250/2000 Watt - Met Verstelbare Thermostaat - In Wit

Auronic Elektrische Convectorkachel - 750/1250/2000 Watt - Met Verstelbare Thermostaat - In Wit

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Are you wearing your thickest sweater but still shivering? Warm up your room in no time with this Auronic convector heater. Choose one of the three heat settings (750W, 1250W, 2000W) and the rotating thermostat knob. The heater is compact, efficient, and always safe to move thanks to heat-resistant handles! Your benefits:
- Even and fast heating
- Efficient heat regulation
- 750W, 1250W or 2000W
- Easy to move
- Room heats up quickly

The convector heater sucks in the cold air, heats it up, and then blows out warm air. This even process makes the room feel warmer instantly! When you turn off the heater, the room quickly cools down again. Be careful not to place any clothing or other items on the heater, as this can prevent the heater from dissipating its heat and lead to a fire hazard. This heater is suitable for rooms with dimensions of up to approximately 15m2.

750W, 1250W, 2000W
Choose from three different heat settings: 750W, 1250W, or 2000W. Each can be adjusted from minimum to maximum with the thermostat's dial. Thanks to the heater's fast heating process, you will quickly notice a difference between the settings. This allows you to quickly adjust the temperature to your preferences and needs!

Compact and space-saving
Thanks to the size of the convector heater, it fits perfectly in any room of the house. With the handles, you can effortlessly move it from the bathroom to the bedroom to the living room, etc. When you're not using it, you can easily store it away!

Cool housing
Behind the housing is an electric heating element that heats up the air and blows it out. This element is shielded from the housing. As a result, the outside of the heater remains cooler than, for example, an oil heater.

Package contents:
- Convector heater (1x)
- Manual (1x)
- Mounting materials (1x)

- Brand: Auronic
- Material: Polypropylene and ABS Plastic
- Color: Black
- Weight: 2.1KG
- Dimensions: 53.5 x 19.6 x 38.5 cm
- Certifications: CE, RoHS
- Heat settings:
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