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USB Rechargeable Portable Water Dispenser - Electric Pump

USB Rechargeable Portable Water Dispenser - Electric Pump

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The Electric Water Dispenser makes it extra easy to tap water from a drinking water tank. With a single press of a button, you can enjoy a glass of clean water. It is suitable for almost all standard bottles. This automatic water dispenser is not only convenient for home use, but also handy in the office or during a party.

Stylish and simple design The Electric Water Dispenser has a stylish, slim, and modern design. It can be placed on a wide range of bottles and is easy to store. This water dispenser for home or office is not only stylishly designed, but also extremely sturdy. That's why it has a steel tap, while the hose is hygienically cleanable. As for the operation, it couldn't be simpler. An on-off button and no unnecessary functions.

Advantages of the Electric Water Dispenser A major advantage of this electric water dispenser for home or office is that you don't have to replace batteries. It has a rechargeable, integrated battery with a capacity of 1200 mAh. The device with a power of 4 W does not need to be recharged quickly. This automatic water dispenser can be charged with any USB cable. You will receive a free USB cable with this water dispenser for home or office. With this USB cable, it is also possible to charge the automatic water dispenser to a USB port in the car. This makes it a great addition to your camping gear.

Extremely convenient to use Stylishly designed Easy to carry Easy to operate Very efficient and fast Built-in rechargeable battery USB rechargeable Includes a free USB cable

Features and specifications of the automatic water dispenser Material: ABS, silicone, and steel Modern design On-off switch Voltage: 5 V (DC) Power: 4 W Rechargeable via USB cable (included) Battery: 1200 mAh Height: 12 cm Diameter: 6.7 cm Width: 16 cm (including tube)
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