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Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Ultimate Adventure for Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder - Ultimate Adventure for Nintendo Switch

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Step into a World of Wonder with Super Mario Bros. Wonder for Nintendo Switch! The classic side-scrolling Mario gameplay gets a magical twist with the introduction of Wonder Flowers! These extraordinary items bring spectacular effects that you have to see to believe. Watch pipes come to life, cause chaos as a giant spiked ball, and experience countless other unexpected events.

A Day in the Flower Kingdom...
Prince Florian has invited Mario and his friends for a visit, but an uninvited guest stirs up trouble! As Bowser's army crashes the party, he steals a Wonder Flower, merging with Prince Florian's castle and transforming it into a floating fortress!

With the power of the Wonder Flower spreading rapidly across the kingdom, strange and wondrous things begin to happen. Now, it's up to the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Bowser's Castle!

Heroic Super Mario Characters and Power-Ups
Choose from beloved characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad. Transform into Elephant Mario and use your trunk to clear enemies with a surprising new power-up!

  • Elephant Apple: Use your newfound weight to smash through blocks, knock away enemies, and suck up and spit out water with your trunk.

  • Bubble Flower: Shoot dazzling bubbles that can trap enemies or serve as platforms to reach difficult spots.

  • Drill Mushroom: Dig through the ground or ceiling with ease, tackling armored or spiked foes, or avoiding danger altogether!

Share the Fun
The adventure in Super Mario Bros. Wonder is even more enjoyable when shared with others! Play locally or online and save the Flower Kingdom as a team, or enrich your solo adventure by connecting online.

  • Local Play (2-4 players): Experience wondrous fun with up to three friends on the same system! Play together and save each other's ghosts in times of need, or hitch a ride on a Yoshi player's back!

  • Online Play (2-4 players): Create an online room for up to 12 players and invite your friends to join the
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