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"Jatten Kaartspel" -> "Het Jatten Kaartspel" Engelse productnaam: "Steal Card Game"

"Jatten Kaartspel" -> "Het Jatten Kaartspel" Engelse productnaam: "Steal Card Game"

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In the game of Jatten, you steal cards from each other to build your own collection. Once you start stealing from other players, it's hard to stop - but those who want too much will end up empty-handed!

When it's your turn, you play a card from your hand into your collection and you can perform a card theft. You choose an opponent, draw a card from their hand, and place it face up on the table. You can then choose to stop and keep that card, or you can draw another card from the same player. If two stolen cards have the same number, your turn ends and the cards return to the victim's hand. If you manage to stop in time, you can lay out all the stolen cards in front of you.

If you draw a swindler, you can steal a card of your choice from the opponent's collection. The first player to collect six cards of the same value wins!
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